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After surviving the onslaught of Blackridge in Rome, Sam Pope has been lying low in Italy. With the world changing files in his possession, Sam is faced with the choice of disappearing or bringing down General Wallace for good. When it becomes apparent that his fight will eventually cost him all those he keeps dear, Sam returns to the UK to finally bring it all to an end.

To bring down Wallace.

To discover the truth about Project Hailstorm.

General Wallace is watching. Waiting. The moment Sam Pope appears on the map, he will take him down. But he isn't the only person who wants the truth kept buried and a dangerous ally emerges. Whilst their truce is a shaky one, they share one goal - to take out Sam Pope and keep Project Hailstorm hidden from the world. Set on a collision course, Sam and Wallace know there is only one way the fight ends.

TOO FAR GONE is another installment in the blistering, international best-selling Sam Pope series, that will thrill fans of Lee Child, Mark Dawson and Chis Ryan. Join the fight!