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Almost two years after returning from America and walking away from the fight, Sam Pope is living a quiet, peaceful life. Working alongside his close friend, Adrian Pearce, to help underprivileged kids, Sam is searching for redemption for the things he has done and the people he has lost.

To him, the fight is over.

But when an ambitious reporter delves too far into a shady corporation's dealings, she falls foul of the power and desperation of the elite. A desperation that soon turns violent, with heart breaking consequences for a close friend of Sam's.

Racked with the guilt of his past and with justice unlikely, Sam faces a gruelling battle to not return to his old ways. But when good people are hurt, and bad people walk free, there comes a time when someone has to fight back.

NO WAY BACK is another instalment in the blistering, international best-selling Sam Pope series, that will thrill fans of Lee Child, Mark Dawson and Chris Ryan.