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Sam Pope is back, in the explosive sequel to The Night Shift. As his mission against organised crime rages on, Sam Pope finds himself the target of a dedicated task force led by a tenacious young inspector. In the midst of a gun fight with a violent street gang, he finds a desperate father venturing into a world he doesn’t understand, searching for a daughter he will never see again.

Realising that the net is tightening and the clock is ticking, Sam burns a hole right through the under belly of London to find the missing girl, finding himself in the cross hairs of some of the most dangerous people in the city.

The Takers is a brutal, action packed sequel to the Amazon best selling series that will delight fans of Lee Child, Mark Dawson, Vince Flynn and Rob Sinclair.

"The Takers is an action-packed thriller that had me glued to every page! I was hooked from the very beginning."

Amazon Customer