14. The Absent Man - OUT NOW

I am so thrilled to say that The Absent Man is now available on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback!! (Check out that promo eh?? Not bad for a guy with limited Photoshop skillz!!)

I am so overwhelmed with today's launch day. In fact, I've been overwhelmed all week by the sheer generosity of so many people. I would like to thank in no particular order:

Louise Ross

Emma Mitchell

Kate Noble

Sonya Alford

Kate Maloney

Sarah Hardy

Alison Parkin

Lou Hands

Yvonne Davies

Noelle Holton

Bri Wignall

Katherine Everett

Rebecca Minton

Philomena Callan

Rachael Brightey

Jo Park

Jade Pitman

Shell Baker

You guys are just incredible and so selfless in all that you do. From reviews, to sharing, to interviews....you have made this week awesome. Every review has been 5* so far, which has blown me away!

So now I have an active series on Kindle!! It may only be 2 books, but damn....it feels nice to know that the story spans over 2 books nows! (Including the prequel that is nearly finished, there is now nearly 200,000 words of Bermuda Jones!!) The plan is to keep going, keep building The Otherisde and the case files of Bermuda and hopefully one day push to that number one spot.

But as of now, on launch day....I will leave you with a lovely image that shows that The Absent Man is sat in the top 50 Fantasy books on Amazon!!

Thank you all for today. And keep spreading the word and sharing!



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