10. DOORWAYS - RELAUNCHED! A thank you to some truly wonderful people!

So my blog tour has come and gone. In October last year, I was granted the release from my publisher and I wanted to re-brand and relaunch my book. I am a massive believer in my Bermuda Jones series and it was important to me to make sure it was getting the support and effort it deserved. So I got a fancy new cover, had it re-edited and sent it out into the world....with a little help from some truly brilliant people.

So this blog post is really just a belated thank you to the following people:

Tony Forder

Emma Mitchell (my drinking buddy!)

Beckie & Jade from 3 Degrees of Fiction

Alison S Parker

Katherine Everett

Becca Minton (who now specialises in Tea!!)

Yvonne Davies

Kate Noble

Jade Pitman

Shell Baker

Kate Maloney

Rachel Brightey

Sonya Alford

Sarah Hardy

Lou Hands (who shamed me for listening to My Chemical Romance! And quite right too!)

Noelle Holton (I'm so glad you finally got to read it!)

Bri Wignall (who had the coolest book at the whole of Darker Side of Fiction 2017)

Louise White

Seriously, you all took time out from your days to help me and I truly appreciate it. I know you enjoy blogging and reading but the help and support you give authors is amazing and I was overwhelmed by all of it. We got Doorways back up into the top 500 on Amazon (A full 15 months after it released) and I got over the magic 50 mark for reviews. And I also made a lot of wonderful new friends.

So thank you all!

Here's to March 2018 for the sequel....I shall be in touch soon! :)

As a writing update, The Absent Man (Bermuda 2) has gone off to be edited and the cover is being designed as we speak. So we will defo be ready for our March 2018 release date. The prequel Novella is now at over 20,000 words and I may have another cool project waiting in the wings.

BRING ON 2018!!!

You can pick up your copy of DOORWAYS at the following link:


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