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(This review does contain Spoilers)

Right, so I need to be honest here. I like Star Wars. I don’t LOVE Star Wars like millions of people do, nor do I think it is great Sci-Fi. It’s pretty naff but I find the original three at least enjoyable. I will NEVER watch the 3 prequels again and to be honest, I wouldn’t rush to watch The Force Awakens once again. I did enjoy Rogue One, but the film was incredibly inconsequential as are most prequels. With that said, what is now obviously a yearly event under the iron clad fist of Disney, I ventured along to see The Last Jedi.

Oh dear.

Before I get ripped to shreds by Star Wars fans, this is just my opinion of it. I walked out of this film with my friend and the first thing I said was ‘That was pretty bad, right?’ He agreed. I went in fully with an open mind that they would be able to improve on TFA but they just didn’t. And the two main reasons were the same as before.

  1. They are still heavily reliant on the previous characters to generate interest.

  2. Both Rey and Kylo Ren are terribly written characters.

I like Mark Hamill. He seems like a nice guy and he was a brilliant voice actor for The Joker. But let’s not pretend he is a great actor who blew everyone away in this film. He spent most of it staring like he was holding in a fart and said some whiny lines about The Force. What made me laugh was EVERYONE is so hyped for Luke Skywalker, but only because the recent set of characters are so weak that he seems great. In the original films, he wasn’t that great of a character – he was more annoying than anything. That said, Luke at least had a character arc in this film and had a surprising ending. SPOILER!! I didn’t expect this to be his last hurrah.

Disney certainly did the right thing by making the central character in the new Star Wars a female. Casting someone with the acting range of a parsnip, not so much. Just like in TFA, I couldn’t believe that some of the lines delivered by Daisy Ridley were kept in the final cut. She was so wooden, in almost every scene and there was nothing about the character that came across as heroic. She was rude and pushy but is apparently a Jedi? Why? At what point have they established her as a Jedi? It seriously felt, through most of this film, they just didn’t expect people to really give a shit.

I felt the same about Kylo Ren. The first half hour of TFA, he is actually pretty intimidating. Then the helmet comes off and we see Adam Driver, a man who scores a big fat 0 in Intimidation on top trumps. The fact that Ren is also written like a petulant child who throws his toys out of the pram really didn’t help. Driver is a good actor but just seems so miscast in the role.

There was some nonsensical side plot of a hideously wasted Finn going to a gambling planet and meeting a lock pick played by Benecio Del Toro. (Luckily, of all the cells in the prison, they end up in the same one.) Also Poe spent the whole film gurning at Laura Dern. Two characters completely wasted and I found both storylines were just to clog up the running time. Also, why didn’t they kill off Leia instead of Holdo? Surely that was the logical conclusion and would have had a bigger impact than some fairly under written character sacrificing herself?

Snoke was shown to be human size, but completely CGI which was a shame. Even more of a shame, was that he looked like Roy Hodgson! But they never even acknowledged how powerful he really is apart from throwing Rey around the room a few times and then being tricked into his death.

Can Disney not do an engaging bad guy anymore?

Lastly, and I have found writing this review has really brought forth my dissatisfaction for this film, I just don’t get ‘The Force’. Can only certain people use it? Or can anyone? It’s everywhere and can luckily, do whatever the plot needs. So Snoke can use it to plant a link between both Ren and Rey, where they see each other and talk together? And also so Luke can see them together by the campfire? But it can also be used for Luke to project himself into battle? (If that’s the case, why didn’t Obi Wan do the same in his fight with Vader? Why doesn’t every Jedi?)

And finally, the worst part of the film was Princess Leia flying through space like Mary Poppins. Enough said.

I can at least appreciate how visually stunning some of the film was, especially the red sprays of salt on the final planet and the light speed collision at the end. But the film was poorly acted in places, badly edited in most and for a film that requires a large suspension of belief, it was just a mess.

I will probably check out the final episode to see if all of this is leading to something substantial but beyond that, I think my usual tolerance for Star Wars has finally waned. Next up, a totally pointless Han Solo prequel, where we look to squeeze that cow just a little more.

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