7. Best of 2017 - My prestigious end of year awards!

Best Of 2017

Where the hell did this year go? Seriously, I can vividly remember most of last Christmas like it was a few months ago! Somehow, this year has whipped by faster than Barry Allen, and now we are on the cusp of 2018. I for one, cannot wait for next year, as I am looking to massively relaunch my writing career and take the Bermuda Jones series to new heights!

But with that to look forward, I’m going to look back at my best of 2017!

Best Film: Blade Runner 2049

Honourable Mentions: Logan, Baby Driver, IT

Blade Runner is one of my favourite films and I was a bit anxious about a follow up. I was glad it wasn’t a reboot or remake (I’m looking at you Robocop!) and although I didn’t mind the recent Total Recall, it wasn’t the level I expected for this follow up.

Luckily, this film surpassed all my expectations. Yes, it’s long but the story deserves the run time. It earns it, with it’s beautiful visuals, excellent performances and an intriguing plot. Similar to Watchmen, this long film only has snippets of action and for those expecting an action packed thrill ride, find something else. This is smart, moving writing wrapped up in a stunningly realised sci-fi future that I haven’t seen bettered.

For the honourable mentions, I was blown away by Logan, with Hugh Jackman’s performance easily one of the best of the year. Baby Driver was the best movie of the summer and I was absolutely surprised by IT which, apart from the ending, realty excelled as a horror.

Best TV Show: Bojack Horseman

Honourable Mentions: Bosch, Line of Duty, Stranger Things 2

Bojack Horseman isn’t just the best cartoon on TV. It’s one of the best TV shows. Don’t get me wrong, I love Rick & Morty, which is probably more ‘laugh out loud’ funny. But Bojack has to be one of the smartest TV shows I have ever seen. The premise is ridiculous, but I have never seen anything that holds a mirror up to just how awful the world can be sometimes, and portray it in such a devastating way.

People always get hung up on the idea of him being a horse but it works. The first half of season 1 is bad. The rest since then, with season 4 airing this year, has been better than most things. As funny and absurd as it can be at times, I have never seen a TV show deal with depression, dementia, miscarriage and sexual confusion with such respect and accuracy. Seriously. People always scoff and say ‘well that sounds funny’ but the thing is, it’s not meant to be. The show is phenomenal take of the ridiculous world of Hollywood but tackles somethings that you just wouldn’t dare. And it does it with impeccable taste. Plus, Mr Peanut Butter (Yes, he is a character) has gone from a goofy, one note character in season 1 to one of the best parts of the show. Just power through the first half of season one. Trust me.

Honourable mentions for Stranger Things 2, which followed up really well but nearly ballsed it up with that god awful episode 7. Urgh! Line of Duty is great TV and keeps me guessing throughout and a shout out to Bosch, with season 3 finishing earlier this year. One of the most underrated gems on TV!

Best Book: The Drawing of the Three – Stephen King

Honourable Mentions: Holy Island – Louise Ross, Nameless – David McCaffrey, The Girl With All The Gifts – M.R. Carey

The best piece if fiction I have read all year is The Drawing of the Three, the 2nd book in The Dark Tower series. I love this series a lot, and have the prequel comic books but with the horrible movie taking a big steamy dump over it earlier this year, I wanted to delve into the books.

I find King a little hard to read at times, and The Gunslinger wasn’t exactly great. It had it’s moments but I felt it was a bit of a let down. Then I read this, and I was blown away. The idea is so batshit crazy but my word it works. Some of the action is pulse racing but the character development and bond between Roland and Eddie, is amazing. I loved The Wasteland (book 3) but for me, I was blown away by this book.

Honourable mentions for Nameless, the follow up to the wonderful Hellbound. McCaffrey’s story of the legacy of Obadiah Stark continues in another bloody thriller. The Girl With All the Gifts is a wonderful take on the Zombie genre and I am late to the party with Louise Ross’s DCI Ryan series, but it got off to a great start with Holy Island and I will be looking to tuck into more of it next year!

I would do best moment, but I have had so many. From getting engaged to my wonderful fiancée, Sophie, to us buying our first house. I have also stood up and taken control of my writing career and have learnt so much about the writing industry. I’ve done book signings in 2 Waterstones, was part of Darker Side of Fiction and started a new job working for a prestigious hospital in London. I ran more 10k’s than ever and completed the one I had to pull out of in 2016 due to my knee. Soph and I went to Copenhagen, Marbella & Tenerife AND….I saw David Mitchell by Regent’s Park! WIN!

So to everyone who made my year so wonderful, to all the fabulous book bloggers and authors that I have met throughout the year – have a great Christmas & New Year and let’s kick the living hell out of 2018’s arse!

Thanks for all the support.


P.S. We are going to make Bermuda Jones a best seller next year!

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