4. A Hell Of A Busy Few Weeks!

Right, so I have been blogging for the past month since I announced that I had requested to be released from my contract and taking control of Doorways and the Bermuda series going forward. Entering the world of self-publishing again, this time with a few years of swimming in the circles behind me and a hell of a lot more experience, I couldn’t be more excited.

So what have I been doing?

Well, firstly, I’ve been writing. For those of you unlucky enough to follow me on Social Media, you will have noticed that I finished the first draft of the SECOND Bermuda book this past weekend. I still can’t believe that I have finished writing my THIRD full book, it’s crazy but it does go to show how much you can achieve with a bit self-belief. This coming from someone who never finished a writing project for about eight years!! Also, if the past few years have taught me anything is NOTHING is achieved without putting the hard graft in. But yes, the first draft has come in at just under 90,000 words, making it almost a fifth bigger than DOORWAYS. Exciting times ahead, and it had been sent to a few Beta readers just for the initial thoughts. As always, I am very nervous but I think my excitement outweighs it.

Secondly, the re-release of ONE BY ONE was the 19th October, with a lot of time and effort going into pushing that out. If you haven't got your copy yet, please click the picture below. If you have, then please buy one for a Christmas present! :) There has been a slight issue with the availability of the paperback version, but these will be sent out to those who have ordered it the moment they are available. Trust me, the paperback version is so pretty and shiny!!


My photoshop skillz!!

And thirdly, I did a book signing at Waterstones in Uxbridge this past Saturday. The staff were absolutely wonderful and set me up at the front of the shop with a table full of books. After a slow start I ended up staying almost an hour over my allotted time and a number of books were sold and signed. Almost a 50/50 split between One by One and Doorways, which is nice to have fingers in different pies. Thank you so much to Kate, Alex and Abby, who really made my day!! You guys rock!


How awesome is my table at Waterstones Uxbridge?!

The majority of my time, however, has been spent getting things lined up. I have had some excellent discussions with some wonderful authors, who have pointed me in great directions. I have spoken with book cover designers, editors, bloggers, promoters – all in the name of getting things ready. I have most lined up now, just ready to pull the trigger when I have everything returned and can legally push on with it and also to ensure I have the capital behind me.

What I have been doing, whilst waiting to get the ball rolling, is making the most of my time. I have downloaded hundreds of podcasts pertaining to self-publishing, interviews with successful authors who share their advice and experiences. I listen to them when running and when sat on a busy train. Trust me, it’s really interesting to hear their stories and I have pages of notes for websites and idea’s going forward.

One of those is an email list, so get ready to sign up to that!!

I have also been researching the financial side of being an author, shifting my mentality and thinking of it as a business, not just a passion. I have lists of costs, suppliers, payments etc. It’s hard work, but once we move into our new home, my lovely fiancée is going to take an active role in that side of my writing. Surprisingly, managing my finances really appealed to her! (I will get in trouble for that!) I've also done the boring stuff like updating the website, my Amazon author page etc, so check it out when you can! (Link at the bottom of the page!)

There is so much more, but whilst the first draft of The Absent Man is being read, I am just going to start getting all my ducks in a row for the re-release of Doorways and also investigate how to use Goodreads more effectively. There is so much I don't know!!!

Oh, I also saw Blade Runner 2049 in IMAX! Thank god they didn’t ruin it. Absolutely superb!!

Until next week,


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