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On Saturday 7th October, I was privileged to attend The Darker Side of Fiction 2017 event in Peterborough along with a whole host of supremely talented writers. Now I have never attended a book event of this scale and walking in and seeing all of the incredible tables and eye catching books, I was shaking with excitement.

I met my publisher, David, and we were doing a pre-release launch of One by One. After an hour and 40 minute drive on 5 hours sleep, I was snapped awake by having the paperback copy of my book thrust into my hand. It's a surreal feeling to hold your work, to flick through the pages and for me, knowing this was the first book I ever completed, I was stunned into silence. It was a great moment and I am very grateful to Britain's Next Best Seller for all their work in bringing it to publication.

It's very PURTY!!

Photo by Christopher

When the event started, I felt the usual nerves that have accompanied other book signings. 'What will I say to people?' 'No one knows who you are!' The usual helpful voices that try to undermine the confidence. Then a lovely blogger called Bri (not like the cheese) arrived at our table with something incredible. She had a custom made Necronomicon (David and I both knew, as should most Evil Dead fans!) and inside, she had custom designed a page for every author. We spoke for a while and I signed a copy of One by One and her book. From that moment on, I had a blast.

Throughout the day, I spoke to a number of wonderful book bloggers, amazingly talented authors as well as a host of book lovers. One of them bought a copy of One by One based purely on the cover! (I didn't have the heart to tell her it was shite! haha) I had a long chat with a lovely chap named Giles, discussing the quality of Zombie fiction. This in turn lead me to Claire Riley's table based on his recommendation, and her stall blew me away. If any author wants to see how to set up at a convention, check out her stall next time!

I was also lucky enough to spend time with David McCaffrey and Bekki Pate, two phenomenal authors who spent the whole day laughing and drinking with me. (Don't worry, alcohol was encouraged!) It was a blast and the fact that I only came home with a few copies of my book meant it was worthwhile. I had a whole heap of bloggers and proof reader's business cards.

But most of all, a few days after leaving Urbane and evaluating what I want as an author, this event was perfect. I watched and noted down all the things to do to make a real go of it and I thank EVERY author there for their inspiration and time. All of the bloggers who have got me excited to work with them. But most importantly, all of the wonderful readers who took the time to speak to me and bought a copy of One by One. I truly hope you enjoy it!

A massive thanks to Rachel and Jo too, who worked effortlessly to plan and execute the event without a hitch (as far as we know). They were absolutely superb and it was easily one of the best days I can remember. So thank you. I am already signed up for Darker Side of Fiction 2018! And I will be coming with 2 new Bermuda books, lots of pretty copies of One by One, promotional material like a real person and a whole heap of swag!!

Now then.....back to writing.....this book isn't going to finish itself!


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